A novelty bot written in PHP to respond to @-mention "dad joke" requests.

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Twitter “Dad Joke” Bot

The dad joke bot was developed in an afternoon-and-a-half as a novelty bot/project by @zaskem on being inspired by the discovery of the Dad Joke API.

Technically this API isn’t documented; h/t to Matt Henry’s discovery.

The live bot’s data is sourced from the Dad Joke API on demand (the full joke list refreshes no more than once daily). The bot monitors for new @-mentions containing the text dad and/or joke on a five minute interval. Newly discovered and matching tweets each receive a randomly-selected dad joke response.

For example, the following @-mention:

Hey @dadjoke_genbot, tell me a dad joke!

Will result in a tweet response like such:

.@matt_zaske, Hear about the guy that stayed up all night wondering where the sun had gone?

It finally dawned on him. #DadJokes

The GitHub repo contains the basics for getting started with the bot in your own environment.